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Selective publications

  1. Zhang Y.E., Landback P., Vibranovski M.D. and Long M. (2011) Accelerated recruitment of new brain development genes into the human genome, PLoS Biol. 9:e1001179 download

    With Perspectives by Jose M. Ranz and John Parsch in
    BioEssays, and by Genevieve Konopka in Brain Behav. Evol.
    Highlight in
    Science and Nature Rev. Genet.
    Media report by The Scientist, UChicago Press, etc.

  3. Chen S, Zhang Y.E., Long M. (2010) New genes in Drosophila quickly become essential. Science, 2010, 330:1682-1685 download

    Highlight in Nature Rev. Genet.
    Media report by ScienceDaily, UChicago Press, etc.


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