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Yong's CV

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Yong E. Zhang, PhD
Address: Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101
1. Research is largely driven by interest and curiosity.
2. Tax payers pays us to play and let’s play well.


2006 Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, Center for Bioinformatics, Peking University
2001 B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Peking University

Working Experience

2011.9-Present Principle Investigator, Institute of Zoology, CAS
2009.4-2011.8 Bioinformatics Scientist, Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, University of Chicago
2007.7-2009.3 Postdoc Scholar, Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Chicago
2006.7-2007.5 Research Scientist, College of Life Sciences, Peking University

Teaching Experience

2016-Present Co-teach Evolutionary Biology (undergraduate course, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences or UCAS)
2014-Present Co-teach Molecular Evolution and Population Genetics (graduate course, UCAS)
2012-2015 Co-teach Bioinformatics (graduate course, UCAS)
2006-2007 Teaching Assistant for Evolutionary Genomics, Peking University
2003-2004 Teaching Assistant for Biostatistics, Peking University

Academic Services

Editor for Journal of Systematics and Evolution and Hereditas (Beijing)
Reviewer for journals like Genome Research, Genome Biology or Molecular Biology and Evolution

Representative publications (*: co-first authors; #: co-corresponding authors)

    1. Shao Y*, Chen CY*, …, Zhang YE (2019) GenTree, an integrated resource for analyzing evolution and function of primate-specific coding genes. Genome Res doi:10.1101/gr.238733.118
    2. Tan SJ, Cardoso-Moreira M, …, Zhang YE (2016) LTR-mediated retroposition as a mechanism of RNA-based duplication in metazoans. Genome Res 26(12): 1663-1675. (Media report by Genomeweb)
    3. Yang H*, He BZ*, …, Zhang YE (2015) Expression profile and gene age jointly shaped the genome-wide distribution of premature termination codons in a Drosophila melanogaster population. Mol Biol Evol 32(1): 216-228. (Highlighted in Faculty 1000)
    4. Zhang YE#, Long M#. (2014) New genes contribute to genetic and phenotypic novelties in human evolution. Curr Opin Genet Dev, 29C:90-96
    5. Xie C*, Zhang YE*, Chen JY*, …, Li CY. (2012) Hominoid-specific De Novo protein-coding genes originating from long non-coding RNAs. PLoS Genet., 8(9) (Highlighted in Faculty 1000).
    6. Zhang YE, Landback P, Vibranovski MD and Long M (2011) Accelerated recruitment of new brain development genes into the human genome. PLoS Biol., 9(10): e1001179 (Highlighted in Nature Review Genetics)
    7. Zhang YE#, Vibranovski MD, Krinsky BH, Long M# (2011) A cautionary note for retrocopy identification: DNA-based duplication of intron-containing genes significantly contributes to the origination of single exon genes. Bioinformatics 27(13): 1749-1753.
    8. Zhang YE, Vibranovski MD, Krinsky BH, Long M (2010) Age-dependent chromosomal distribution of male-biased genes in Drosophila. Genome Res., 20: 1526-1533

    Representative Talks

    The Symposium of Molecular Innovation, the Annual Conference of Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE), Austin, 2017
    The Symposium of Origins and Evolution of Molecular Innovation, the Annual Conference of SMBE, Vienna, 2015
    The Symposium of Genetic Basis of Human Brain Evolution, the Annual Conference of Society of SMBE, Chicago, 2013