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Our lab went to Fragrant Hills Park on 20th April, 2012. It was a cloudy day in the morning. Setting out at 9:00 and getting there by taxi respectively, we visited an antique temple, the Biyun Temple,which is a place packed with Buddhism and located in the park first. Amused by the old-fashioned and religion-related architectural styl e, it was kind of weird to appreciate many memorial stuff about Sun Yat-sen until we realized that he has been there for a while. The temple was built in a fancy style and was of great fun. We highly recommended for othe r visitors. The next destination we were heading for is Incense Burner Peak, where the highest elevation can be achieved in Fragrant Hills Park. It was a long and hard period before reaching the hilltop, during which Dan and Chenglu always ranked the first. Trying our best to climb, we talked about many topics containing recombination and linkage disequilibrium, etc . These active talks and discussions make our journey embedded with fun and interactions. Other domestic topics and jokes were also included. Before reaching the goal, Yi was specially encouraged by all the other members and their effort was not in vain. All six of us crossed the finish line, with pride toward ourselves. After a short break and influenced by the worse and worse weather, we rushed down the hill, at once. The steps were slippery and Haiwang faced a greater problem for his shoes were much more slippery. Yet he soon find the side path easier to walk on, despite the fact that it is a little dangerous. Observing what dexterous task Haiwang has performed, Huijing remarked him as a field soldier or agent from 'Mission Impossible 4'. The last stop was a northeast Chinese food style restaurant. Many delicious disks are presented especially the 'Luan Dun', which satisfied Yong's appetite exactly. This is a happy trip. Everyone enjoy themselves. We are still in the impressed experiences and it seems to be lasting for a longer period than expected. Of course, we all felt a little pain in the legs on the following day, except for Chenglu! Anyway, the trip enhanced our teamwork spirit and would lead us a better studying manner in the future.