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Haiwang's CV



Haiwang Yang (杨海望)

Academic Degrees and Experiences

Joint program

University of Chicago

2009.9 -- 2011.9

Novel gene evolution

Ph. D candidate

Nanjing University 

2008.9 -- 2011.11

Evolutionary biology

M. S.

Nanjing University 

2006.9 -- 2008.6


B. S.

Nanjing University

2002.9 -- 2006.6



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Chen S*, Yang H*, Krinsky BH, Zhang A, Long M. (2011) Roles of young serine-endopeptidase genes in survival and reproduction revealed rapid evolution of phenotypic effects at adult stages. Fly (Austin) 2011 Oct 1;5(4). [* Co-first Authors]